Granny's Spice Rub

Granny’s Spice Rub

“This is a rub you can use on basically anything from chicken to toast for a mild zest! This rub is great on grilled meats such...(more)


Spiced T-Bone

A good rub that goes well with several beef cuts, and is perfect for a thick T-Bone


Sirloin with Coffee Bean and Peppercorn Crust

A double jolt of coffee comes from crushed beans in the crust and coffee in the vinaigrette—an eye-opening dish with tons of flavor....(more)


KC Ribs

KC Ribs are unique blend of barbecue styles. Starting with a dry-rub and then continual basting with a thick tomato based sauce while...(more)

Simple Pork Rib Dry Rub

Simple Pork Rib Dry rub

This is a good simple rub, or a great base for you to experiment with and add flavors as you like. There is only one way to go with...(more)